Maple Grove Cemetery


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Maple Grove Cemetery

Maple Grove Cemetery on Broad Street in the Village is operated by the Public Works Department under the direction of the Cemetery Commissioners. The cemetery covers more than 25 acres and has over 13,000 burials. With 3,000 lots available in various locations throughout the cemetery.

The Maple Grove Cemetery Sexton is available Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 3:30pm. All lot sales and interments are to be arranged through the Sexton. Billing and deeds are completed by the Village Clerk-Treasurer’s Office after receiving orders from the Sexton.

»Maple Grove Cemetery Rules and Regulations
»Maple Grove Cemetery Pricing

Other Cemeteries

St. Mary’s Church cemetery is the only other cemetery in the Village of Horseheads. The Church Office administers sales of lots and interments.

Cemetery Commission

The Cemetery Commission is the Village Board of Trustees and meetings are held on an “on call” basis. No regular meetings are scheduled.