The Horseheads Sister Cities Association (HSCA) is pleased to announce the 2015 exchange visits between Horseheads and our sister city Nakagawa, Japan. The exchange will start in March when a delegation of students and adults from Nakagawa spend a week in Horseheads exploring and experiencing family life, schools, and area attractions. Usually the trip to Horseheads is the first time the Japanese students have been abroad, so it is a very influential experience for them.

The reciprocal exchange trip to Nakagawa will be in early July, wherein Horseheads students and adults travel to Nakagawa exploring small community Japanese culture in a similar way. Students in grades 8–11 who reside in the Horseheads school district tax area and are interested in exploring Japanese culture through this experiential young ambassador opportunity are encouraged apply. Information and application materials can be downloaded from this website. Information and application materials are also available at the Horseheads High School and Middle School guidance offices. There will be an informational meeting on Thursday, November 6, 2014 in the Horseheads Middle School Library at 7:00pm. Applications are due by Friday, January 9, 2015. However, applicants are encouraged to get applications in as soon as possible. Student selection will begin immediately upon receipt of completed material.

For further details, contact Nakagawa Trip Coordinator, Annette Sechrist at 734–6727.

Detailed Info and Application

Brush Pit

The Thorne Street Brush Pit is open for business. This is for residents to dispose of yard waste.

  • Operating hours are 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday thru Friday (except holidays, and 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Saturdays.
  • Proof of residency is required
  • NOT ACCEPTED: Garbage, Cinder Blocks, Rocks, Bricks, Wooden Boards


The Village is proud to announce that its commemorative bronze statue of a Military Pack Horse has been installed and introduced to the public. This statute is the last event of an entire year of activities marking the 175th anniversary of the Village of Horseheads. The Village was first incorporated in May 1837. To read more about our history, go to HISTORY.

Questions and more info on the statue, please contact Deputy Mayor Ronald Swartz at 481–1976.



  • You can also pay your TAXES ONLY at any Chemung Canal Trust Company Location.


Village Meetings and Events

Board of Trustees Meetings

For the next Board agenda CLICK HERE

For Village Board bios, past meeting minutes, and other information go to the Board of Trustees page.

Upcoming schedule of Board Meetings is as follows:

	- Mon., December 1st, 7:00 P.M. - Organizational Meeting

	- Thu., December 11th – 7:00 P.M. – Regular Meeting

	- Thu., December 25th -  CANCELLED

Planning Board

Regularly scheduled Planning Board Meetings are on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 5:15 p.m.

Upcoming Planning Board Meetings
  • Tuesday, November 18th, 5:15 p.m.

For the agenda, past minutes, and other information about the Planning Board Click Here!


Peddling and Soliciting

The Village has adopted a local law governing Peddling and Soliciting in the Village. This law repeals and replaces Chapter 171 of the Village Code relative to this issue. To view the law and application form click on the links below.

Peddling and Soliciting Local Law

Peddling/Soliciting Application Form

Property Registration Law

The Village Board adopted a Local Law Establishing Rules and Regulations for Rental Housing. See the links below.

Property Registration Law - FINAL

Registration Form - FINAL

Questions regarding registration should be directed to our Code Enforcement Office - 739–5691.

Well #5 Water Information

Tropical Storm Lee which occurred on September 8th has had lingering effects in the Village of Horseheads. During the storm and in the days following, Newtown Creek flooded and infiltrated the Village’s Well #5 water supply. Officials from the Village and from the Chemung County Health Department hasten to assure customers that the water is safe for drinking and it is not necessary to boil the water. People with seriously compromised immune systems may wish to consult with their health care provider. NYS Health Department regulations have become operative. This means that the Village may need to make adjustments or upgrades to the system. In the meantime, the regulations require that the Village notify all of the water customers of the event and the steps the Village will be taking to evaluate, monitor and correct the situation.

In addition to this media release, letters are being sent to every water customer regarding the situation. Village officials note that the water supply is tested daily and the results are reported to the Health Department. We once again emphasize that the water is safe and that this event is not an emergency.

Water FAQ

  1. What is in the water that is bad? Dirt and organisms from surface flooding may have influenced the well, but chlorine and fluoride continue to keep the water safe for drinking and use.
  2. Is this an emergency? NO. It is simply a legal notice because of a possible change in the water supply caused by the flood.
  3. Is the water safe? Can I drink the water? YES. The water is safe for drinking as outlined in the letter mailed to all Village water customers.
  4. Do I need to boil my water? NO. The water is safe.
  5. Comfort level? If uncomfortable with using the Village water, you may wish to use bottled water or another source of water.
  6. Will the Village pay for me to buy water? NO. Village water is safe.
  7. What about filters? Home filters meeting NSF Certification Standard 53 are available in most retail stores.
  8. Private Well. If your on a well water system, you may wish to have your water tested independently.
  9. Why is this notice being sent? This notice is sent to meet legal requirements when a well may be infiltrated by surface water. The water is tested daily. If there is a health risk, you will be promptly notified and the media will make emergency announcements
  10. When will this be resolved? Unknown. It is likely to take a year or more depending on the engineer’s analysis and report. Updates will be issued on a regular basis.
  11. Why are we hearing about this now? Because it is not an emergency and the water is safe for drinking. We needed time to evaluate options and get the Health Department’s approval.

Download a copy of the October 2011 etter sent - LETTER

Questions? Contact the Village at (607) 739–5691


FEBRUARY 2012: Due to lack of attendance, the Manager Roundtable Meetings are cancelled until further notice.

Comprehensive Plan

After more than two years in development, a new Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Horseheads Village Board on Tuesday, April 20, 2010. Copies of this plan are available for public review at the Village Clerk’s Office, the Horseheads Free Library, and electronically (see below).

Click here to review or download your own copy of the Plan. Please note that the electronic version does not include the attachments, maps, etc.



Walking Trails

In cooperation with the Catherine Valley Trail, we have laid out three one-mile walking trails throughout the Village. Check out the trail map. VILLAGE WALKING TRAILS


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