Village Clerk-Treasurer

Directory of Services

Clerk’s Office

(607) 739–5691

  • Copy of a law/proposed law
  • Foil Requests
  • Property Tax Information
  • Water Billing & Collection

Code Enforcement

(607) 739–5691

  • Building Permits
  • Zoning Information
  • Swimming Pools
  • Village Codes

Police Department


(607) 739–5668

(607) 735–8600

  • Report a Crime
  • File a Complaint
  • Request Assistance

(607) 739–5669

  • Administrative Calls

Horseheads Town Hall

(607) 739–8783

  • Tax Assessment
  • Animal Control
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Hunting Licenses
  • Dog Licenses

Village Hall

Horseheads Village Hall
202 South Main Street
Horseheads, New York 14845
(607) 739–5691

Local Weather Conditions

Office Information

Village Clerk-Treasurer - Donna Dawson
Deputy Clerk - Kelby Hollenbeck
Part-time Accounts Payable Clerk - Tammy Miele

Tel: (607) 739–5691 Press #7
Fax: (607) 739–3941
Monday-Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm

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Office Responsibilities

The Village Clerk-Treasurer’s Office supports the financial and administrative operations of the Village. The office activities include tax collection, utility billing and collection, water meter reading, fee collection (such as building permits, sewer permits, recreation fees, etc.) bookkeeping, payroll, employee benefit administration, investment administration and central billing point for the Village Water and Cemetery Departments. The majority of the incoming calls relate to water bills, taxes, cemetery and general information requests. The Village Clerk-Treasurer’s Office collects Tax and Water Bills. Acceptable Forms of payment are: Cash, Check, Money Order, Debit/Credit cards. Please make all checks payable to the Village of Horseheads. There is regular interaction with the Chemung County Sewer District along with other county/state offices and municipalities.

Holidays and Hours

The Village Clerk-Treasurer’s Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm with the exception of the following holidays:

New Year’s Day Labor Day
Martin Luther King Jr Day Columbus Day
Presidents Day Veteran’s Day
Good Friday Thanksgiving Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving Friday
Independence Day Christmas Day

Payment Drop Box

There is a drop box available for all payments when the office is closed. Payments placed in the dropbox after 4:00pm will be posted to next day’s business.

Village Budget

The Village’s fiscal year is June 1st to May 31st. On April 25th, 2019 the Village Board adopted the 2019–2020 Village Budget calling for a 2% property tax increase.


Local Laws

Copies of Local Laws, both drafts and adopted, can be obtained by contacting the Village Clerk’s Office at 739–5691 during regular business hours, or click on the link below.

Notary Public

The Village Clerk-Treasurer’s Office provides notarization of documents for no charge. Please bring in your forms to be notarized along with proper photo identification (New York State Drivers License or Student ID card acceptable) prior to signing the forms. You must sign the forms in our presence for us to notarize them.

Handicapped Parking Permits

Applicants for Handicapped Parking Permits must live within the Village of Horseheads to be issued a permit by our office. Parking permits are issued to the person NOT the vehicle. New York State requires that a driver license number be entered on the handicap hanger. Handicap Parking Permits are issued for a maximum of 5 years.
»Handicapped Parking Permit Application
»More information from the New York State DMV

To apply for a handicapped parking permit, complete the top portion of the Handicapped Parking Permit Application above and have a physician complete Part 2. Bring the completed form to the Village Clerk’s Office at Village Hall with a New York State Driver License or NYS DMV Non-Driver ID card. If you do not have either card you must complete an Affidavit stating that you do not possess a driver’s license. There is no charge for a Handicapped Parking Permit.

Tax Clearance Requests

A Tax Clearance Request is a request to research outstanding Village taxes on a specific parcel. This search will also reveal if there are any outstanding abatements on the property. Clearance certificates will not be issued if the property has delinquent Village taxes. Tax Clearances are offered at $20.00 each, with checks made payable to Village of Horseheads.

FOIL Requests

Freedom of Information Law Requests are to be presented in writing to the Village Clerk-Treasurer’s Office. A written response will be provided within 5 business days.

»Download a FOIL Request Form
Records exempt by State and Federal Statute:

  1. Records that, if released would constitute an unwarranted invasion of privacy
  2. Impairment of Contract Awards or Negotiations
  3. Trade Secrets
  4. Law Enforcement Information
  5. Endangerment to the safety of persons
  6. Interagency or Intra-Agency Materials
  7. Examination Questions
  8. Computer Access Codes
  9. Litigation

Maple Grove Cemetery

Historical Maple Grove Cemetery is owned by the Village of Horseheads. It was donated by Nathan Teal and was established in the mid-1800’s on Grass-Hopper Hill, The Village of Horseheads Clerk-Treasurer maintains all records for Maple Grove Cemetery from as far back as 1868 to today and manages the administration and preparation of cemetery deeds and master files of cemetery lots and burials.
»More information on Maple Grove Cemetery

Genealogy Research

The Village Clerk-Treasurer’s Office offers assistance on genealogy research with the use of a historical database containing cemetery records. Copies of the database are available on CD for $20 each. Reports from the database are available upon request by walk-in, fax, or mail with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Please provide the full name of the individual you are researching and allow three days to prepare the report. There is a $.25 per page charge for reports over 10 pages.

The Village Clerk-Treasurer does not maintain the records for Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, or marriage licenses. For Birth Certificate or Death Certificate copies, contact Chemung County Vital Records at (607) 737–2018. For marriage license copies or records of marriage, contact the Town of Horseheads Clerk at (607) 739–8783.
»More from Vital Records
»More from Horseheads Town Clerk

Code Enforcement and Permits

For questions or services related to Code Enforcement in the Village, please call Village Hall at 739–5691.

Property Tax Information


Village tax bills are sent out on May 31st, 30 days prior to the due date of July lst. Taxes are due by July lst with no penalty. After that date, monthly interest will be calculated and added to late payments. In the first month, 5% will be added to the base tax and an additional l% for each month thereafter until October 31st. On September lst, a $2.00 flat fee is added to the base tax amount in addition to the accrued interest for second notice fees. Reminder notices are mailed out to property owners that have not paid their taxes as of September lst.

Payments can be made at:

  • Village Hall, 202 South Main Street - cash, check, or credit/debit cards (Visa/Mastercard). Make checks payable to the Village of Horseheads. Payments can also be left in the drop box.
  • Any branch of Chemung Canal Trust Company, but you must have your original tax bill with you.
  • Online: » PAY TAXES ONLINE

The assessment reflected on your tax bill is based on the prior year’s taxable status (March). If you had any adjustment to your assessment/exemption or property ownership after March of the previous year, changes will not be reflected on your Village tax bill until the following Village tax year.

Property owners that have their taxes included in their mortgage payment will not receive tax bills. Escrow banks submit a listing of properties to send tax bills to them to process. If you receive your tax bill and it is included in your mortgage payment, a request to forward your tax bill has not been received and you need to contact your mortgage company to ensure your taxes are paid on time.

All questions regarding Assessments or exemptions should be directed to the Village Tax Assessor at the Town of Horseheads Assessor’s Office at (607) 739–0873.

Property Tax Rate History (Fiscal Year June to May)

YearBase Tax Rate

All above tax rates per $1,000 of assessed value of property

DISCLAIMER: Tax rates do not take into account the interest and penalties owed on late taxes.

County Taxes

Tax bills are mailed December 31st and are due January 31st with no penalty. Penalties are accrued after January 31st. Payments can be made in one installment to the Town of Horseheads Tax Collector until March 31st. After that date, payments are to be made at the Chemung County Treasurer’s Office.

Horseheads School Taxes

Tax bills are mailed August 31st and are due by September 30th with no penalty. After that date, a 2% penalty is assessed until October 31st . After October 31st, a 3% penalty is assessed and is sent to the Chemung County Treasurer’s Office. Payments can be made in one installment and are collected by Chemung Canal Bank.

Water Billing and Collection

The Village Clerk and Treasurer’s Office bills water to Village and Non-Village customers on a quarterly basis with the following due dates:

Service Dates: Jan 16 – April 15 Apr 16- July 15 July 16 – Oct 15 Oct 16- Jan 15
Bills Sent: May 15th August 15th November 15th February 15th
Due Dates: June 15th September 15th December 15th March 15th

Water payments are due on the 15th. Payments made after the due date are subject to a 10% penalty. If a previous balance exists and the payment is not paid in full prior to the 16th, a late fee of $25 will be assessed. Once late fees are assessed, the consumer is required to pay their account in full or the water service will be terminated. A $35 turn-on fee will be charged for all water services shut off for lack of payment. A drop box is available at Village Hall for payments. Payments placed in the drop box after 4:00pm will be posted to the next business day.



Returned Check Fee

The Village will assess a fee of $20 for all returned checks. You are required to bring in cash or money order only, in the amount of the check plus the $20 fee within 7 business days.

Records not maintained by the Village of Horseheads

The following is a list of records that are not maintained by the Village of Horseheads. For more information, please contact the Town of Horseheads Clerk at (607) 739–8783.

  • Dog Licenses
  • Hunting Licenses
  • Marriage Licenses

Please contact the Town Assessors Office at (607) 739–0873 for the following records or information:

  • Exemptions (Veteran, Senior, STAR)
  • Assessments

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