Town Services

Directory of Services

Clerk’s Office

(607) 739–5691

  • Copy of a law/proposed law
  • Foil Requests
  • Property Tax Information
  • Water Billing & Collection

Code Enforcement

(607) 739–5691

  • Building Permits
  • Zoning Information
  • Swimming Pools
  • Village Codes

Police Department


(607) 739–5668

(607) 735–8600

  • Report a Crime
  • File a Complaint
  • Request Assistance

(607) 739–5669

  • Administrative Calls

Horseheads Town Hall

(607) 739–8783

  • Tax Assessment
  • Animal Control
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Hunting Licenses
  • Dog Licenses

Village Hall

Horseheads Village Hall
202 South Main Street
Horseheads, New York 14845
(607) 739–5691

Local Weather Conditions

Tax Assessment

The Town of Horseheads does all of the Tax Assessing and related work including exemptions. If you have questions about your property assessment or the exemptions that are available to you, please contact the Town of Horseheads Assessment Office at

 (607) 739–0873.
»More from the Town Assessor’s Page
»Assessment and exemptions from NYS Office of Real Property

Animal Control

The Town of Horseheads provides Animal Control services to residents of the Village of Horseheads. If you need the assistance of Animal Control, please call (607) 739–3945.
»More from the Town of Horseheads Animal Shelter


The Town of Horseheads Clerk handles the following licenses:

  • Dog Licenses
  • Hunting Licenses
  • Marriage Licenses

For more information, please contact the Town of Horseheads Clerk’s Office at (607) 739–0873.
»More from the Town of Horseheads Clerk

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