The 2020–2021 Village Budget was adopted by the Board on 4/23/20. The budget runs from Jun 1, 2020 through May 31, 2021. It calls for a 2% increase in property taxes, or $6.01 per $1000 of assessed valuation. An increase of 11 cents per 1,000.

Download Summary - Budget by Funds

Download Tentative Budget

Download Minutes of Meeting on 4/2/20

Unauthorized Payment Site

POSTED 9/17/19: The Village has become award of an online payment site called “” that some residents are assuming is ours. Some have had their funds taken from their account, yet the Village never receives the payment. Please be aware that the Village of Horseheads ONLY uses the following payment sites for water, taxes, and court fees:

To pay Village Property Taxes online, PAY TAXES

To pay Village water bills, WATER PMT

To pay court fees/fines online GO HERE

Village Meetings and Events

Board of Trustees Meetings

For the next Board agenda CLICK HERE

For Village Board bios, past meeting minutes, and other information go to the Board of Trustees page.

Planning Board

Regularly scheduled Planning Board Meetings are on the 4th Monday of each month at 4:00 p.m.

For the agenda, past minutes, and other information about the Planning Board Click Here!

Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Board meets on an as-needed basis to hear appeals for variances from the zoning code.

For the agenda, past minutes, and other information about the Zoning Board of appeals Click Here!


The Village of Horseheads and the Elmira-Chemung Transportation Council (ECTC) commissioned a Circulation Study for the Hanover Square district of the Village of Horseheads. The study focuses on the circulation and safety of vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles in Hanover Square, assesses existing conditions, and proposes a range of design and regulatory improvements to benefit all users of the district.

Project information and the draft Study can be found at Horseheads Village Hall, the Horseheads Library, or by clicking on the link below:

Questions – call the Village Manager’s Office at 739–5666.


Eligible business owners in the Village can get low interest loans for expansion and/or repairs through our CDBG Loan Program. Contact our CDBG Administrator, Southern Tier Economic Growth at 607–733–6513.

CLICK HERE for details.


In May of 2017 the Village of Horseheads was awarded a grant from Empire State Development (ESD) to develop a strategic plan for optimizing the Village’s economic growth. The successful bidder on this consulting project, Fairweather Consulting, has completed its development of an Economic Development Plan.

Paper copies of the plan can also be picked up at the Village Clerk’s Office.


In an effort to get prescription medication off the streets and decrease drug abuse, medication depositories have recently been placed at local town and city halls. Horseheads Police Chief Thomas Stickler and West Elmira Police Chief Peter Michalko said in news releases that the depository boxes are “critical” in protecting children and the environment, and help resolve ongoing issues. According to a 2014 Partnership for Drug-Free Kids study more than 70 percent of teenagers said they are able to get prescription drugs from their parents’ medicine cabinet easily.

The new Drug Collection Units represent one of 1,000 units that CVS/pharmacy and the Medicine Abuse Project (MAP), a five-year initiative of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, are providing across the country. The donation program is the largest retail pharmacy effort of its kind to date and supports MAP’s goal to prevent a half-million teenagers from abusing prescription medication by the year 2017, the news release detailed.

“This is an opportunity for people who live in Elmira and other places to dispose of unwanted, unneeded prescription medication so that it’s not left in our community for other people to abuse, misuse or even accidentally overdose,” Elmira Police Chief Joseph Kane said. The Drug Collection Units have recently been installed in Elmira, Horseheads and West Elmira city and town halls. “Some of the crime we deal with is people going into residences and stealing prescription medication, (going) into vehicles that are unlocked and stealing prescription medications,” Kane said. “People who may have those, sometimes, may sell them because of the money they can make off them. So any opportunity to get these out of the community when they’re not needed is a goal of ours.” Kane added it’s important to get medication off the streets to protect children and pets.

The following items may be placed inside the bins: prescriptions; prescription patches, medications and ointments; over-the-counter medications; vitamins and samples; and medication for pets.

Items not accepted: thermometers; hydrogen peroxide; inhalers; aerosol cans; ointments, lotions or liquids; or medication from businesses or clinics.

West Elmira and Horseheads locations do not accept needles. An attachment unit has been installed on the Elmira dropbox for needles.

The public is able to drop off medications, with no questions asked, at the following locations:

Village of Horseheads 202 S. Main St. Horseheads M-F, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

West Elmira Police 1255 W. Water St. Elmira M-F, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

City of Elmira Police 317 E. Church St. Elmira M-F, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  


The Village is proud to announce that its commemorative bronze statue of a Military Pack Horse has been installed and introduced to the public. This statute is the last event of an entire year of activities marking the 175th anniversary of the Village of Horseheads. The Village was first incorporated in May 1837. To read more about our history, go to HISTORY.


To pay Village Property Taxes online, PAY TAXES

To pay Village water bills, WATER PMT

To pay court fees/fines online GO HERE

Comprehensive Plan

After more than two years in development, a new Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Horseheads Village Board on Tuesday, April 20, 2010. Copies of this plan are available for public review at the Village Clerk’s Office, the Horseheads Free Library, and electronically (see below).

Click here to review or download your own copy of the Plan. Please note that the electronic version does not include the attachments, maps, etc.



Walking Trails

In cooperation with the Catherine Valley Trail, we have laid out three one-mile walking trails throughout the Village. Check out the trail map. VILLAGE WALKING TRAILS


Copies of all local laws are available by contacting the Village Clerk’s Office at 739–5691, #7. Recently adopted local laws are listed below:


1 – Municipal Tax Levy Override

2 – Amend Chapter 40 of Village Code - Village Manager Responsibilities

3 - Solar Energy Law

4 - Cell Tower Law


1 – Prior Notice of Defects (Repeals LL#2 of 1994)

2 – Municipal Tax Levy Override

3 - Special Benefit Assessment - Stormwater


1 - Amending Chapter 245-Zoning: PUD Regulations – Payment in Lieu of Open Space; and ZBA Variance Procedures

2 – Municipal Tax Levy Override

3 – Authorizing Community Choice Aggregation Program (CCA) for Energy Supply for Residents

4 – Amending Chapter 13 – CEMETERIES – of the Village Code


1 – Municipal Tax Levy Override - REPEALED - See LL #2 of 2016

2 – Rescinding LL#1 of 2016 – Tax Cap Override


1 – Municipal Tax Levy Override - REPEALED - See LL #3 of 2015

2 – Changes Residency for Police Chief and DPW Director (Amends LL#4 of 1995)

3 – Rescinding LL#1 of 2015 – Tax Cap Override

MEGA Energy

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA): Our New Electricity Program

Lower, fixed price renewable electricity is coming this summer!

Learn more about it at an education session May 8th 6–7pm & 7–8pm at Village Hall

The Village of Horseheads is offering our residents and small businesses a new electricity supply option through a program called Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). The Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance (MEGA) brought together 21 municipalities in our region to join in bulk purchasing of electricity through the CCA Program. CCA Programs focus on providing electric supply choices while continuing to rely on the delivery service and physical infrastructure of the local electric utility (NYSEG). Only residents and small businesses who currently receive their electric supply from NYSEG are automatically eligible to participate.

As a Participant in MEGA’s CCA You May: • Save money on your electric bill • Avoid sudden spikes in the price of your electricity • Have access to 100% renewable ‘green’ electricity • Stop energy telemarketers and door-to-door sales

The CCA will offer our residents and small business 100% renewable electricity at a fully fixed price of $0.0542/kWh for 24 months, starting in July 2019.

CCA Programs Provide Choices:

  • Opt-Down: to standard grid mix at a fully fixed price of $0.05092/kWh for 24 months
  • Opt-In: if you have another supplier and wish to switch to the CCA
  • Opt-Out: if you wish not to participate and to keep NYSEG as your electric supplier

Other Important Reminders

  • Participants are also able to leave the Program at any time during the 24 months without a penalty
  • The CCA Program is compatible with budget billing, community solar and rooftop solar
  • Customers with day/night or time-of-use rates will not be automatically included in the Program

What Happens Next?

1. Attend an Education Session:

  • May 6th 6–7pm & 7–8pm at Horseheads Town Hall, 150 Wygant Road
  • May 8th 6–7pm & 7–8pm at Horseheads Village Hall, 202 S. Main Street
  • There are sessions at 6 pm and 7 pm, each starts with a presentation
  • Please come at any time and feel free to bring your bill

2. Expect to Receive a Letter Mid-May

  • Those who are automatically eligible to participate in the CCA Program will receive a letter

3. Participate in CCA

  • No need to take action if you want to participate in CCA
  • If you do not wish to participate in CCA, you can opt-out via mail, phone or online

More information can also be found in the FAQs and online at

Questions can be directed to or 518.533.5399. MEGA, is a not-for-profit local development corporation based in Upstate New York, with two decades of successful energy aggregation programs for municipal facilities in more than 300 local jurisdictions.

Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) FAQs for Residents

Q. What happens with my current utility? Your electric bill has two main sections, delivery and supply. With a CCA you will still pay the delivery portion of your bill to your utility (e.g. NYSEG), see example bill. The delivery portion includes charges to deliver electricity to your location, to maintain infrastructure and address electricity outages.

Q. How do I know if the utility is my electric supplier? Your electric bill has two main sections, delivery and supply. Check the supply portion of your bill to see if it lists the name of a company that is different from your utility, see example bill. If you receive two bills for your electric supply you have already selected a supplier other than the utility. If you are still not sure, contact us and we’ll help you out.

Q. Can I join (opt-into) the CCA if I already selected a company other than the utility? Yes, you can opt-into the CCA, but if you signed a contract for a certain length of time there may be a fee to terminate that contract. Please reach out to us and we can help you join the CCA. Not sure if you have a contract with a termination fee? Contact us and we’ll help you figure it out.

Q. Can I participate? To get the benefits of CCA you must: • live within a city, town or village that is participating in the Program, • receive your electricity supply from NYSEG, • be a resident or small business (usually using less than 2,000 kWh/month) and, • not have a block on your account. If you meet these 4 criteria, you will automatically be included in the CCA. Customers with day/night or time-of-use rates will not be automatically included in the Program. The CCA Program is compatible with budget billing, community solar and rooftop solar.

Q. What if I don’t want to participate in the CCA? CCA is all about choice and you have the opportunity to opt-out. If you are automatically eligible to participate in CCA you will receive an opt-out letter with details on how to opt-out via mail, phone or online. You have 30 days to opt-out.

Q. What if I don’t opt-out within 30 days? If you don’t opt-out within 30 days you will be switched to the CCA. You are still able to return to NYSEG for your electric supply at any time without a penalty. It will take 1 to 2 billing cycles to return to NYSEG.

Q. What if I move? If you move to another community participating in CCA you are able to join that group for the remainder of the Program term.

Q. Where does the electricity come from? Unless a community specifically requests the source of the electricity it will be generated from a variety of fossil fuel and renewable resources, which could include natural gas, hydro and nuclear. Some communities selected a CCA supplied by 100% renewable electricity.

Q. Can I get renewable electricity through the CCA? Yes. Some communities selected a CCA supplied by 100% renewable electricity. Residents and small businesses can opt-up to 100% renewable electricity, though it does cost a small amount more. Residents and small businesses can also opt-down into a standard grid mix if your community selected 100% renewables.

Q. What electric suppliers serve CCAs? Third-party electric services companies, ESCOs, compete to win the business of the CCA by responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP).

Q. How can an ESCO offer a better rate than my utility? Utilities must purchase electricity as it’s used and pass through the cost to the customer. ESCOs can purchase hedges and other financial transactions allowing for more purchase options that can result in lower prices.

If you have a question that isn’t answered above, please contact us at or 518.533.5399

Sample Bill

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